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Kathy O’Dowd

Director of Product Management at Netflix

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Maira A. Malik

Product Manager at Tesla

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Abe McCallum

Product Management Director at Venmo / PayPal

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Fatima Husain

Product Manager at Airbnb

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Jose del Corral

Product at Tesla

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Kathy Porto Chang

Product Manager at Stripe

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Ashley Phillips

Product at Venmo / PayPal


More speakers will be announced soon.


Why attend?

Are you interested in learning how to build and manage products that users love? We'd like to have you at Prodfest. This is where the world's leading product people come together and share practical advice on how to build and evolve products. Prodfest features enlightening talks to help you become a better product leader.


What people say about our conferences

"Fantastic event! Hands down the best conference I've been to."

- Anna Sparrow, UNIVERIS

"Lineup and presenters were exceptional, nice breadth of tech companies present."

- Amy Luong, Flipp

"Informative. Inspiring speakers. Great take aways."

- Ashley Hamilton, Demac Media

"Great opportunity to get insight into practices at companies."

- Shehzad Akbar, Architech

"Glad I took the leap and came to this event."

- Jack Lee, MDDT


Last year’s SPEAKERS & talks

Stephanie Hannon, Strava

Resiliency in Product Management (Stories from Google Wave, Hillary Campaign and Strava).

Stephanie Hannon has been at product leader at Google, Facebook, Cisco and Strava. She was the CTO for the Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign, where she built and led an 80 person team to launch more than 50 products. Stephanie will talk about failure and resiliency in product management, sharing stories and insights from Google Wave, the campaign and Strava.

Joao Fiadeiro, YouTube

Navigating Toward your North Star Metric

A north star metric is the key measure of success for the product team in a company. It ties your product vision to the everyday decisions you must make. Finding it isn't as easy as looking for the brightest start at night, it involves a deep understanding of what you want to accomplish and what you can measure. This talk will take you through the process of identifying, building and refining your north star metric.

Helen Sims, Airbnb

Designing a successful referral program

We strive to build products that users love so much that they want to tell their friends about it. This presentation will cover how to make sure that your best customers are your best advocates and how to build a world-class referral program.

Mark Wong, Stripe

Shipping data products

This session explores what it takes to build and ship products that are based on data and machine learning. Learn about best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Minal Mehta, Google

Connect with Your Team

Our biggest assets as PMs are the teams we work with. This talk will focus on ways in which we can build strong ties and change the world together.

Rob Baesman, Dropbox

Bridging Consumer and Enterprise

‍It's almost cliche, but "consumerization of IT" continues to disrupt the status quo of workplace productivity software, with many players scrambling to improve the how we all get things done.  This session will explore how to combine product techniques from classic consumer-internet and enterprise-software companies to best meet customer needs in this fast-paced environment.

Jeff Eddings, Microsoft

Meeting Product Goals Through Human Motivations

Successfully building any product is about guiding and shaping user behavior to meet product goals. This talk will discuss how understanding basic human motivations and using behavioral mechanics can be used to fulfill user needs and meet those product goals.

Quynh Phan, Lyft
When You Are Not Your User 

Building User Empathy for a product for which you are not the target demographic.


The Schedule

9:30 AM to 10:30 AM


10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Morning Talks

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM


1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Afternoon Talks

3:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Final Talks

4:30 PM to 5:30 PM





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Bespoke at Westfield San Francisco Centre
845 Market Street, Suite 450
San Francisco


Bespoke is located inside Westfield San Francisco Centre on Level Four next to Bloomingdale's.

From Mission Street

From Mission Street, enter Bloomingdale’s and take the elevator to the either Level Four or Five, proceeding to Bespoke near the escalators.

From Market Street (best entrance before 10 a.m.)

Enter at 835 Market Street (San Francisco State University Entrance) near Walgreens and take elevators to Level Four, crossing the Dome toward Bespoke.


Companies that attend

23andMe + Amazon + Apple + Asurion + AT&T + Attainia + AuptiX + AVINGER + Badger Maps + BCG Digital Ventures + Before Brands + Bitdefender + Blurb + BNY Mellon + BrightTALK + Caring + CBS Interactive + Certain + Checkr + Cisco + Clear Capital + Cloudera + Code for America + Course Hero + DockYard + Ebay Facebook + Paradata.io + PAWS + ONSITE + Pivotal + Pivotus Ventures + Plantronics + Practice + Fusion + Product Manager HQ + Qualpay + Quid + RevStream + Ript Labs + Riviera Partners + Rover + Salesforce + Sam's Club + Sharethrough + SocialCode + SoFi + SSNI + Stanford + Strava + SuccessFactors + Symantec + Norton + Tapjoy + TaskRabbit + Teletrac + Navman + TIBCO Software + Tightrope Interactive + Tinder + ehealth + Ellation + Entelo + Fond + ForeSee + Frankly + Glint, Inc. + Google + Guidewire + Helix + HelloFresh + Host Analytics Inc. + HP + Hulu + IDEO + Intapp + Levi's + LiveRamp + LogMeIn + Lytro + McKesson + Meltwater + MLBAM + Murray-Bertron + Nettle Studios + Nordic Naturals + Optoro + Oracle + Tesla + Tobi + Udemy + Upwork + Verb + Surgical + Verizon + Veyo + Visa + Vital + Source + Walmart Labs + Xero + Zoosk + more

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